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How We Work

TCAI offers a full range of construction management services to housing developers, builders and investors whose primary objective is to build the highest quality product. The firm works through a network of top construction and real estate professionals to provide support for every aspect of our client’s project needs. While we work with our clients project by project, we take a broader view of our services – we want our clients to be able to Build With Confidence.

Our services range from pre-construction analysis of building plans through the conclusion of the construction process.  We tailor our approach to the expertise and needs of our clients including non-profits organizations, small developers, individual real estate investors and construction lenders. We serve as the real estate owner’s representative or their general contractor (CM at risk).

Our Construction Management Services are geared to providing clients with professional interface between them and their construction professionals.

We take the pain and distraction of the construction process off our client’s plate. This enables them to focus on their core mission while being assured that their project will be built right. We deliver for our clients a project that is well built, delivered on time, within budget and with a minimum of headaches. In the end that is what our clients want. To be able to build with confidence.

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