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Prepare for Winter – Weatherproof your Exterior Doors

Weatherproofing your exterior doors is an easy and cost effective way to say energy this winter. A 1/8″ crack around a typical 6’8″ entry door is the same as having a window 36″ wide, open 1″ all winter long! 

Unless you have a brand new home, your door may have fallen out of alignment. Take a litle time to make certain your door is straight and true before you begin weatherproofing (not crocked). This extra step will also save on weatherproofing material! Start by shimming out your door so that it is even all the way around its opening. to do this it is easiest to shim out the hinges. You can buy a pack of shims at any home improvement store. 

Install metal tension strips (or plastic ones)  next to the door stops at the point where your door contacts the stops when closed. Use a putty knife to pry out the tension strips far enough so that it creates a good seal when the door is closed. 

Add an aluminum or vinyl door jamb weatherstrip to the edge of the door stop on the external side.

Attach a new bristle sweep to the bottom of the door. Here’s an option: You may prefer to attach a new door bottom with an integral sweep on the inside and drip edge on the outside. This often requires that you adjust your threshold height, and/or slightly plane the bottom of your door. If you plane the door, make sure to seal the wood.

Fix any cracks in door panels or around light panels with wood filler or caulk.

You may want to add a storm door if you don’t have one. It can add years to the outward finish and surface of your entry door, it helps insulate and weatherproof, provides additional security and improves the appearance of your house, all at the same time. Not a bad investment of time, they are easy to install, just FOLLOW  THE  INSTRUCTIONS!!

Happy projects.

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