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Your Kitchen – Appliances and Color

Last time we spoke about kitchen layout. This week we will take it a step further and add visual elements:

Step 3.           Appliances and Color

When I think of a kitchen remodel, the first question I ask is “Do we have to move any of the appliances or change the layout?” You, on the other hand may ask “Am I keeping my appliances or getting new ones?” If you have a poor layout, want to create a more open kitchen or change your appliances, one must consider how the energy (or water) gets to them. Do you want to change that electric range to gas? Maybe you want to get that new induction (electric) range because it’s safer for your toddlers. That new killer refrigerator may need more power than the existing circuit can deliver. Your microwave was on the counter now you want it over the range. All of these decisions have a major impact on the unseen cost of remodeling.

Your appliances and where they are placed have a major impact on how the kitchen functions. Are you left or right-handed, do you bake a lot, use counter top appliances (mixers, coffee maker, food processors) all determine the functionality of your kitchen and how it is laid out.

We are all familiar with energy star guidelines for refrigerators, but don’t forget the ranges, ovens and water use!

When you think of color for the kitchen, you probably think of the cabinets, floors and walls. But your appliances, chairs and backsplash are also ways to introduce  color to the space. My brother has a traditional white kitchen but adds bright red toaster, mixer and tea pot which adds punch to the space.  An island can have chairs that are lime green or purple for a more whimsical look. Be careful to consider lighting. Proper lighting can change the color rendition of your cabinets and counter top. Your light fixtures (pendent lights in particular) can add to the overal color pallet. The point here is to think outside the box when it comes to color. has some great resources,

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