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Construction Management

The highest potential risk in a real estate deal is during the construction process. We mitigate those risks by understanding the hidden problems in building design, code requirements and contractors who look to maximize their profits at the expense of owners.

At TCAI we stand between the contractor and our clients. Our mission is not only to protect our client’s financial interest in the construction process, but also to ensure that all contract provisions are adhered to. We can assist in the development of contract documents so that they are sufficient to ensure that our client’s goals are met.

Small Developers – Small real estate development firms that have grow up out of the single-family market together with CDC’s are now venturing into mixed use and small commercial projects.

With our construction experience, TCAI can assist these organizations as well. From floor plan designs, building space optimization, site planning considerations to identification of issues related to the development of plans and specifications, TCAI can assist small developers improve the quality of their projects while paying close attention to cost.

Individual Real Estate Investors – The foreclosure crisis has made the general headlines.

The potential high yields have attracted many high net worth individuals to look at this market as an alternative to traditional investing. However, those yields can disappear during the construction process. It takes time and expertise to manage the construction process. TCAI understands the potential costs associated with those elements hidden in the walls.

Our experience and expertise along with our stable of associated contractors allows us to provide management of the construction process. Our ability to understand local code requirements will provide assurance that the costs associated with the project are realistic.

As professional construction managers, we have developed protocols that allow us to deliver a project on time and on budget. These methodologies, from initial site visit through Certificate of Occupancy will reduce the risk and hidden costs inherent in the rehabilitation of residential properties for our real estate investors.

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