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So You Want to Remodel Your Kitchen

You have been thinking about remodeling your kitchen. So you have gone on line and looked at cabinets, hardware, sinks, faucets and now believe you are ready to negotiate with a contractor. You know what you want and how much it will cost you for materials. So, all you want is the contractor to provide the labor to install it, right!  Well not so fast.

A good contractor is not only an installer, but can solve problems as they arise. A good contractor is a manager of the entire construction process, design consultant, plan reviewer, purchasing agent, material expediter, project manager and trouble shooter. In order to get the best project, we ask questions that will help us meet your needs. By listening carefully we can take the work you have done online and meld it together to create a unified design and construction process.

While our clients are most often concerned with the style and look of what is to be installed, we must also consider HOW it is to be installed. Only experience and expertise can look at what currently exists and make assessments of how the new materials will be coordinated seamlessly into the renovation. This is often a problem with older homes. The materials used 30 – 40 years ago are often of different dimensions compared to what is used today. Walls are not plumb or square, floors are not level. Making these adjustments add not only to the material cost but add time to the project as well.  These must be considered in the total cost of the project.  And then there are the hidden costs: do outlets need to be adjusted, do electrical connections need to be modified, will the new plumbing fixtures fit in existing fixtures etc.

A remodeling project, especially in an older home, may be more of a renovation project. Not only are you installing new materials, you must also ensure that it matches up with the existing materials. Remember the old saying “You get what you pay for.” It takes experience, expertise and dedication to detail to ensure that the final product has the fit and finish consistent with the excellence you deserve.

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